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UMag Simulator

A pixel by pixel simulator for the DOGS102 LCD showing menu items, fonts, icons, and program flow for demonstration of the project. The idea is to enable feedback on aspects of the user interface to speed up firmware development.

The Aurabean Project

A showcase of the various design stages of the Aurabean Project since its initial conception in 2015. The gallery shows pictures of the first softpower latch circuit, the early prototypes, various 3D printed enclosures, and panelization of the final device.

CNC Milled PCBs

Milling your own PCB allows you to develop circuits and test board layouts without waiting weeks for professionally made boards. Here are some things I've discovered building my own PCBs.

RCM3000 Emulation

An emulation of the Digi Rabbit 3000 Core Module using the RP2040 and ESP32 microcontrollers. The original code was written in Dynamic C and has been ported to C using the ASF Library and FreeRTOS for the SAMD microcontroller. The project was further ported to the RP2040 to meet supply issues and increased performance requirements.

WiPy Bluetooth Mobile App

A proof of concept Bluetooth serial terminal on a mobile phone connected to the WiPy microcontroller. This project explores the Bluetooth Web API and Progressive Web Apps to give the look and feel of a native app running on a mobile device.